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We have achieved many successes with our projects in which we are pioneers in different sectors. For 16 years, we have strived to serve in the digital world. Despite all this time, we are still growing our projects with the enthusiasm of a mother with the excitement we experienced on the first day. Your satisfaction has always been our happiness and focus. We have built our mission on the basis of this understanding.

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We have done some great project, idea, SEO, website, marketing.

We have thousands of happy and trusting customers that we had the opportunity to work with. Our positive feedback rates are very high.

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What Are Our Services?

Website Design

We develop impressive web apps for startups, enterprises, digital brands and companies. We focus on digital transformation and inspiring businesses to bring innovative ideas to life. We provide backend and frontend development, UI/UX design and also marketing services with our leading expert teams. All our designs are coded to be compatible with search engines. The most powerful SEO tools are used.

We use Laravel as PHP framework, VUE.JS as javascript framework and Bootstrap for HTML Framework for our website projects.


Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultancy

The digital world continues to gain more and more space in our lives day by day. Social media platforms, education and entertainment platforms are now at the forefront of the elements that people spend most of their time on in their daily lives. In fact, this world has grown so much that people dealing with these businesses can earn serious income. So as MIYEC we add value to your brand by working with the most influential influencers. Additionally we manage your social media accounts and make your business rise.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We check all On-page SEO for your websites. Increase website speed, meta tags, title arrangement, keyword analysis, Site interior architecture arrangement, Content quality control, Check visitors behaviour on Google Console, Perform a strategy for decreasing bounce rate and increasing organic traffic and much more... For off-page SEO; we check your backlink quality, ignore for poor quality or spam backlinks and support quality backlinks to your website.

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